Serramenti in PVC

I serramenti in PVC di Dolcetti sono il risultato di anni di studio e di esperienza nella lavorazione e nella posa di quello straordinario materiale d'isolamento termico che è il PVC. I nostri serramenti in pvc infatti riescono a massimizzare l'isolamento termico della vostra abitazione facendovi così risparmiare denaro per il riscaldamento della casa, sarà necessaria infatti meno energia per mantenere la temperatura ideale nella vostra abitazione.

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The profiles Treats ensure reliability and efficiency with products from the sleek and attractive design.
serramenti in PVC
Top- performance profiles
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The advantages of Dolcetti windows start from here, from the structure of top-performance profiles that guarantee the reliability and efficiency of these products characterized by a peculiar Italian design.


Dolcetti profiles, thanks to a number of air chambers ranging from two to seven, are able to meet the most different thermal and acoustic insulation requirements, while the high-quality hardware elements guarantee great stability and high-safety performance.


In addition to the normal 2-mm reinforcement iron, some profiles, depending on the requirements, can be equipped with the new "Thermal Iron" system, an additional bakelite core that makes the structure more resistant and guarantees a further heat loss reduction.


Moreover the high-thickness synthetic material surface makes maintenance easy and durable.




serramenti in PVC
serramenti in PVC

2D Profile

It is the most classic profile, available in two types: a step or rounded.
The first, with shaped edges, has a depth of 60 mm; the second shows a door round 76 mm on a 60 mm frame. The 2D profile is suitable for casement windows, transom windows, oscilloscopes swing, flip, side entrance doors or translating.

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The profile that combines comfort and functionality over the long term.
A 5 bedroom, ensures high performance thermal and acoustic insulation and high security. Also suitable for renovation to resume the style of old wooden windows, can be used on casement windows, tilt oscilloscope swing, tilt, side entrance doors or translating.

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3D Profile

The profile that combines beauty and efficiency.
Equipped with 3 gaskets, provides greater thermal insulation and high security against break-ins. Available in two types: blunt or rounded. Depth of 76 mm. Suitable for casement windows, transom windows, oscilloscopes swing, flip, side entrance doors or translating.

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Blu Evolution Profile

It is the most modern profile of the range.
With 6 bedrooms and a depth of 92 mm, providing excellent thermal insulation and the best coefficient of performance. Thanks to plastic reusable 100%, is the product of the future, perfect for new construction but also for renovations.

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